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Tiger Blood

One Unique Extended License

We will save you thousands compared to buying extended licenses elsewhere. Not to mention being compliant feels so good! Our one license entitles you to use our files almost any way you see fit, aside from reselling, or sharing. Read our full agreement. There is no limit on how many prints or views a file can have. Who has the man power to keep track of their stock art's views or prints across a whole campaign anyway? We're realistic about our license agreement.

No confusing bundles, credits, or subscriptions.

Our pricing is competitive and easy to understand. When you buy from us, you can feel confident that you're artistically and legally covered. We've made royalty-free stock photos and illustrations truly easy.

What is Royalty-free?

Royalty-free means you do not need to pay ongoing royalties to the creator. Your one time payment grants you rights to use our media almost any way you see fit. Our artwork is also free from copyrighted material or intellectual property. Our content, used within the terms of the license agreement, will not infringe on any intellectual property, moral right, copyright, or trademark. Still fuzzy? Learn what stock art is here!

From corporate to one-time buyers.

You may even purchase our stock photos or illustrations without registering with us. Yep, you can check out as a guest! We want our buyers to range from high-end ad firms all the way down to a one time buyers. We've also tailored our site so a corporation may setup a special account for employees and contractors to associate with.

Once associated with the corporate account you may:

  • Share Sandboxes (artwork you've saved into a collection)
  • Share money via the corporate's Solid Cash
  • Share corporate's "Purchased Art"
  • Share corporate's receipts and invoices
  • Use the easy corporate admin dashboard to quickly manage accounts
Supporting the Talent!

Feel good about buying from us. We split the whole purchase right down the middle with the Artist. Most sites give much less, and even less to new comers. We pay 50% to everyone. With our focus on the Artist, know that you are supporting real people, with real talent. We like that, so should you!

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