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The Devil is in the Details - Illustrations

What gets rejected or accepted is all in the details. Here we will go over many of those details.

We will refer to this page in our F.A.Q. and our rejection notices so, if you've made it into our Artist ranks, take a few minutes, open your favorite beverage, and give this a read. It may prove valuable... if not, send us a nasty e-mail. We love them.


We have a path to pick with you! <-- (Cheese anyone?) Let's start with the subjects we'll be covering.

Size and Format

It's vector, it scales, we aren't too concerned about the size of your artwork in it's vector format. Your file needs to be saved in .EPS V10 or lower. It needs to be above 500 pixels wide and height. Your art-board needs to be relatively square or rectangular. We won't accept abnormal sizes.

Your .PNG-24 or .JPG that goes along with your .EPS file needs to be a little larger because we give our customers the option to buy your illustrations as raster images. Your .PNG need to have a width and/or height greater than 4270 pixels. Again, it needs to be relatively square or rectangular. We won't accept abnormal sizes. Your .PNG settings need to allow for transparency, non-interlaced, and in sRGB color mode.

Effects and Elements

There are a handful of effects and elements we don't allow in any vector stock illustration uploaded to our site.

Effects Not Allowed:

  • Feather
  • Outer Glow
  • Drop shadow
  • Graphic Swatches
  • Pattern, Brushes, or Symbol Swatches

Elements Not Allowed

  • Stray Points
  • Open Paths
  • Stokes
  • Raster Images
  • Linked Files
  • Text, or Dig-bats

Your artwork needs to be expanded, cleanly grouped, named layers, and all in one art board with no linked files. Of course, you can create your own drop shadows, outer glows using vector means, but you may not use the raster filters. You may use brushes, strokes and other vector effects, but be sure to expand them after you're finished.

Illustrations NOT Clip-Art

That's more like it.

To simplistic.

So what do we deem to be a worthy Illustration?

Any well produced vector artwork! What we don't want is simplistic renderings any designer or hobbyist can produce.

You'll also notice a nice feature once you've logged into Solid Stock Art. We will recommend subject matter that has been searched for with low results, so you'll have a little insight to what our customers are looking for, and what content we have low amounts of. Illustrate according! : )

Clean Up

Just like your mom kept telling you after you finished with a craft project as a child, clean up after yourself. Same thing here, it's just digital clean up. Take a few minutes after your finished with your illustration.

Remove unused swatches, don't use spot colors, delete stray points, close open paths, and expand effects such as strokes and brushes.

If you use Adobe Illustrator, here is a great script written by Michael Schmeling. This script allows you to find all those stay points, open paths, and other unwanted elements. It's a must have for stock artists.

Download it from his webpage. Thank you Michael Schmeling.

Curves and Paths

Be diligent, zoom in, hit "command (pc ctrl) + y" if you need to, and look at your paths. Make sure they are clean and smooth. Or if it's stylized, be consistent. We don't want sloppy work. Also fully render shapes when you have two objects overlap. This gives the buyer the ability to rearrange your art making it more flexible.


Show your work. We need to see a sketch, or reference you created or captured for every piece of art you upload. We will reject your upload if you did not create or capture your own reference. Do NOT use someone else's photo or art for reference.

We need a property release for anything that MAY have a copyright, trademark, or may infringe on personal or intellectual property.

People that are recognizable in any way must have a model release associated with them. We will accept silhouettes or people that you cannot be identified.

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