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We Are Different
At Our Very Core

Core Difference

Solid Stock Art Is Different At It's Core

We offer something out competition would like to, but can't. We sell one unique license. Our license allows you to use stock art the way you probably assumed you could use it. We saw a need to offer extended use for all of our media. This is HUGE. No other stock company can say this. We are not out to sue, threaten or otherwise harass our customers. We've built our license on common sense. Just don't resell it or give it away and all is good. So simple. Try that with the big boys and you're very likely to see the inside of a court room.

Artist payouts. Stock artists invest a lot up front, cameras, lenses, lights, props, models (The model's time, you can't buy a person duh) and countless hours. As a contributing artist, I was only getting 15% - 25% of every sale which is fairly standard in the industry. At Solid Stock Art we pay out 50% to our uploading artists, one of the highest in the industry.

We've eliminate the legal tangles that tie up customers. At Solid Stock Art, our unique license works just like you'd assume: you buy it, it's yours. Unlimited prints, unlimited views, unlimited re-use. Practically the only thing we do not allow is reselling or sharing our artists' images.

Offering only the highest quality, practical, usable images. We've hand-selected the best stock artists an army of passionate crusaders. You can't just upload to Solid Stock Art. You need an invite (click here to apply for an invitation). The result: we don't sell amateur work.

We have removed the confusion of credits, bundles, and subscriptions. At Solid, we've made buying stock art so easy you can even check out as a guest. No credits, no bundles, no subscriptions. You're here to buy an image, not sell your soul.

Our searching easy and intuitive. At Solid, you search for "apple tree", you'll get images of an apple tree. Not pine trees. Not a bowl of apples. Apple trees. We tag our artists' files for them. The "big boys" leave tagging up to the artist, oftentimes causing bloated image tags and incredibly inaccurate and frustrating search results.

How Solid Got It's Start

Solid Stock Art was founded by a stock artist, a stock artist that almost lost his full time job over a stock art violation. "We've strived to build a stock art company on one simple basis; common sense. Read my full story."
- Taylor Hinton CEO

Now that you know a little more about us, what's stopping you?

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Different How?

We are not out to be the biggest in the business, rather the best. We’ve partnered with only the best artists in the business. Why sort through literally millions of mediocre stock photos and illustrations to find a few gems? Sometimes less is more, and in our case all of our stock photos and illustrations are... well SOLID.

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