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Save money with png files

Transparently Powerful

You've just downloaded a photo from another stock site. It's isolated on white. But, then you find you still have to put in time to remove white background. It's frustrating to have to re-work something that was already done by someone else! At Solid Stock Art, if the artist already clipped out the background, the transparency is passed along in the .PNG format. Voila, you've saved time and money! Hooray for .PNG!

Look for the checkered background in our preview to save time and money!

png vs jpg


This is the fight we've all gathered for, the two contenders square off and.JPG jabs with a smaller file size. .PNG returns with a hard hitting combo: transparencyhigher quality, and is the native graphic type for a growing number of software applications. .JPG is down for the count! .PNG wins by knockout.

What is a PNG?

.PNG is our standard. P.N.G stands for Portable Network Graphic. It's the native file format for popular programs such as Microsoft Office, and Adobe Fireworks. More importantly, it can support lossless compression, 48-bit, true-color depth, with varying levels of transparency. It's a perfect fit for us.

Not all of our isolated stock art will have a transparent background. The Artist may isolate the subject with lighting or other techniques. Look for files with a checkered background, which indicate the image has a transparent background!

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