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New Stock Art Website Debuts its Artist-friendly, Business-savvy Strategy

Solid Stock Art opens its virtual doors, offering easy-to-upload stock photography and graphics with one royalty-free licensing agreement geared towards reuse

SALT LAKE CITY (Feb. 19, 2013) - Years in the making, Solid Stock Art LLC goes live today with its first website.

Solidstockart.com aims to offer the public, including corporations of all sizes, with one all-inclusive, royalty-free license agreement intended for reuse of all its high-quality stock art. They call this license agreement "Royalty Freedom."

"Our one royalty-free license - comparable to an extended license at competitors - gives us a leg to stand on in the industry. We strongly feel that our one license approach is the next stage in the life of the stock art industry," said Taylor Hinton, CEO of Solid Stock Art.

Solid Stock Art features unique, practical images from around the world with thousands of photos and illustrations added each week. Solid Stock Art developed its website with artists in mind. Each file uploaded and licensed with Solid Stock Art is tagged and reviewed by an internal team, preventing meta data bloating while saving the artists that upload with Solid Stock Art countless hours.

"Our goal is to create a family with Solid Stock Art and to never forget that it's all about the artists," Hinton said. "We're not looking for ten million random images; we want an elite group of artists who will upload with us to provide the public high-quality stock art at reasonable prices." Said Jimmy Scarbrough, President of Solid Stock Art.

Searching for artwork has also been architected from the ground up at Solid Stock Art, allowing custom search filters such as: computer-generated, isolated, number of people, and several other searchable filters. These filters will help to quickly narrow search results.

Among the vast array of search results on solidstockart.com is a one-of-a-kind section labeled "Keepin' it Real". These photos are not like typical polished stock art. Keepin' it Real photos - while still licensed in the same manner as any other stock photo found on the website - are candid shots and may have an unprofessional look to them. Keepin' it Real was created to fit customers who need artwork that doesn't have that overly polished stock art look.

"We have just reached the top of our first mountain and are looking forward to the next climb," Hinton said.

# # # About Solid Stock Art:
Solid Stock Art founded by Taylor Hinton, and Jimmy Scarbrough in Salt Lake City, Utah on Feb. 19, 2012. For more information, visit www.solidstockart.com or call (888) 586-4863.

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Solid Stock Art takes it's first wobbly steps!

Salt Lake City, UT. -August, 24, 2012.
Solid Stock Art LLC, a new start up in the micro stock art industry takes it's first steps. It opened it's virtual doors at 1:am on August 24th to a few hand picked artists. "We're just allowing artists at this phase in our business. It's truly an exciting day for us! We can't wait to rock the boat in the stock art space. We have some very tangible features and differentiators that will make us a big hit, or at least that's the idea. Our expectations are realistic. We understand we still have a long, and possibly rocky road ahead of us, but we are committed to the challenge."

- Solid Stock Art President Jimmy Scarbrough

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