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Royalty-Free doesn't mean what you think it means

To say the term "Royalty-Free" is misleading is putting it lightly! If you're buying "Royalty-Free" stock images elsewhere keep reading to have the wool pulled from your eyes.

At Solid Stock Art we sell one license with every image that lives up to the assumed hype of the term "Royalty Free."

What Royalty Free isn't

No, sorry it doesn't mean you can use a stock image unrestricted. On the contrary, Royalty Free images have very restrictive terms. The standard Royalty Free license agreement limits how many people view the stock image. They limit how many prints can be made with the stock image. They also restrict use in products for resale. e.g. book covers, t-shirts and much more. Use your stock image incorrectly and you'll be in hot legal water!

What Royalty Free actually means

Royalty free simply means you'll pay once to license the image. Yes, the license is typically full of limits and restrictions, but what is important is that you don't continue to pay royalties as the image is used. Hence, Royalty Free.

Why our Royalty Free images are better?

At Solid Stock Art we only sell a license that allows you to use our images like you own them. No limits on prints, no limits on views. Use our images in templates for resale such as websites themes, book covers, t-shirts and coffee mugs. Also, you can share our stock images throughout your company with all of your employees.


Our One License Is Amazing!

You will never have to worry if your license has expired or if you are using it wrong. We've taken the guessing and fear out of buying stock art.

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