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Solid Stock Art's Solution To The Social Media Puzzle

Facebook? Twitter? Google +? Pinterest? Linkedin?
Which Ones Right?

No Right Anwsers.

Figuring out the puzzle that is social media, is tough. There are no right answers. Our solution was to integrate the most popular social media tools to make things easy for our users.

You'll notice the large icons at the top of every page to connect to our site, but more importantly you can socialize all of our artist's stock art.

We Love To Share

Giving our users the ability to share via social networks is critical to our success. Not only generating organic growth, but plugging into the right social sites, in the right way, may also impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As you can imagine, ranking higher in search results is near the top of our priority list.

You'll notice our users may share any stock art they choose quickly from the art's details page. We have easy to click icons that make sharing a snap.

It's a two way street.

Behind the curtain we're observing, and listening to those who define our market. We can surface pain points, source ideas, foster innovation, and learn.

We also use social sites to speak to our community. Why rebuild the wheel? Where communication is concerned there is no easier way to connect with our users, both artists and customers alike. So jump over to our Google+ page, Facebook, or Twitter and get involved.

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