Extended Licensing With Our Stock Art. Hooray!

What is Solid Artwork?

What is our definition of "solid" artwork? Or more importantly, what will we accept into our library?

What makes it into our library, and what doesn't, is all in the details. You can read about it here!

What do we accept?

You may dig into what technically makes a good photo, image, or illustration here but to get to the point. We want to push the boundaries of what people believe to be stock art. If it invokes thought, or is just well rendered/captured, we want it. This artwork may be created with a camera, paint, ink, scans, pencil, or software. No matter how it's created it must be powerful, or... useful. On the other end of the spectrum, a bike isolated on white is not, per say, jaw dropping art. However, we can see the potential for sales, and that's a must have in this business. What we've learned over the years is you never know who the customer is, what problem they might be addressing, or who the intended audience may be. Artists, you're empowered through us, and validated through your sales. Break the mold!

Stock Art

Let's state the obvious. We are a business. We're in the business of selling stock art. Hence, all the typical "stock" art in our library. What you won't find here is sub par art, or worse, clip art.

So what exactly is stock art? Stock art can be photos, images, illustrations, audio, and video, created to fulfill the needs of many. Here at Solid Stock Art, we sell on behalf of individual artists. Their artwork is licensed as royalty-free. This license may be purchased to use the artwork for professional, or personal reasons.

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