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Solid Cash Perks

Why Use Solid Cash?

  • One Solid Cash dollar = One US dollar (no tricks)
  • Solid Cash speeds up purchasing
  • Solid Cash is shareable for corporate accounts.
  • Works just like a gift card!

Solid Cash spends dollar for dollar just like cash. Speed up checkout and share funds with co-workers.

Monthly Plans

Sign up for monthly plans as well as large sums. Spend it when you need it, save it when you don't.

Solid Cash 99Solid Cash 99
Solid Cash 249Solid Cash 249
Solid Cash 999Solid Cash 999

Corporate Accounts and Solid Cash Make a Perfect Combo

Share money via the corporate's Solid Cash. It’s easy, if your are associated with a corporate account You can purchase and spend solid cash on it's behalf.

Learn more about Corporate Accounts.

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