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Stock Art Acknowledgements

Modification of Stock Art uploaded by a Solid Stock Art, LLC, Artist, such as the addition of a Solid Stock Art watermark, is performed by an automated process. The Artist shall be deemed the party responsible for such automatic modification and shall be considered the “author” of such automatically modified Stock Art.

Stock Art Acknowledgements Continued

The examination process of uploaded Stock Art that will be made by Solid Stock Art, LLC, before making Stock Art available to the public is intended to identify immediately obvious violations of these Terms. Despite any such gate-keeping, the artist uploading Stock Art shall be deemed responsible for violation or copyright infringement.

Solid Stock Art, LLC, holds the Artist uploading Stock Art to this site the sole holder of all rights to that Stock Art, except where the Stock Art alone bears some obvious indication to the contrary, such as a visible proprietary marking identifying a person other than the Artist as the exclusive rights holder. A property release will be available if needed to prove right-holders. The Artists are the only parties receiving a direct financial gain from their Stock Art uploaded to SolidStockArt.com. We retain a portion of the license fee. Solid Stock Art benefits from its website operation. The website allows Artists to market their Stock Art to license purchasers. Artists who create and upload Stock Art to SolidStockArt.com are solely responsible for any 3rd party rights infringement. Solid Stock Art has no right, nor control over Artists that upload Stock Art to the site.

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