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Stock Art in the Cloud

The term "cloud" is popular these days, and for good reason. What it means for us is a fast, scalable, and secure home for our art.

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Why use the cloud?

There are a number of reasons we turned to the cloud.

Risk: Being reliable is a big deal. We minimize downtime and can offer 24/7 access to our content, no matter what might happen to our local offices or internet connection.

Scalability: Our cloud is completely scalable. As we grow, so will it. Think of it as a giant elastic balloon that can hold an infinite amount of data. This means no downtime to improve or repair our infrastructure.

Security: Our cloud is secure, something that our artists will appreciate. Our artist's content is protected by systems with 20+ years of development.

Speed: Oh and it's fast! We are able to offer the art you purchase and upload, closer to you by region. This means the data doesn't have to travel as far. For our artists and customers with slower connections, this may mean a huge improvement in productivity.

Cost: Millions and millions have been invested into our cloud's network and infrastructure. Know that your art is in good hands with Allsta..... umm... whoops got carried away.

The cloud is truly a wonderful thing!

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