Extended Licensing With Our Stock Art. Hooray!

It's uploaded. Now what?

You've already uploaded a few files, now what? You'll need to visit the "Submit to Examiner's page".


You will find the "Submit Art to Examiner" button after successfully uploading your art above the upload boxes or you may go to your profile where you will see the same "Submit Art to Examiner" button above your profile picture.


You've found the "Submit Art to Examiner" page. Good to see you have a pulse... ; )


Upload Boxes

Add notes if needed. For example, you might want to tell the examiner exactly what type of bird you've just shot (with your camera).

Add a model release if needed.

Check the box at the top left of the media box when ready, then click "Submit Stock Art to Examiner". THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE, so make certain you are ready to have the artwork reviewed. You will be notified via email whether or not your artwork is accepted or denied.

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